Mission Mondschatz

Stuttgart-based goldsmith Sonja Waldraff worked for many years in the visual effects industry. Now, with her Moon Treasure (Mondschatz) range of jewellery she is combining both worlds – highly detailed technique and centuries old crafting skills. Together with her husband, Michael Thalmann, they have developed and refined a small but fine collection of jewellery for those of a cosmological bent.

Working with a highly skilled team (our special thanks to Miriam, Jan and Herr Fessler) we have produced the finished collection. Hand-crafted in Germany.

Moon Treasure (Mondschatz) is a unique range of high-end jewellery featuring topographically accurate 3D representations of the lunar landscape – the first ever to do so.

Especially suited to astronauts, cosmonauts, topographers, couples, inter-galactic princesses, treasure hunters and somnambulists.

Our Moon-Rings, Sputnik and Apollo, both feature a topographically accurate strip of the Moon’s equator.

Our Moon Pendants, “The Face” and”The Dark Side” are half-moons (i.e. hemispheres), one featuring the face of the moon as we Earthlings see it, the other featuring the dark side as Michael Collins saw it in 1969.

It’s interesting to see – and feel – the textural differences between the two sides. The near side, where all of the Apollo missions landed, is fairly smooth as a result of the vast lava “seas” with which it is largely covered. The dark side is much more textured being, as it is, almost entirely covered in craters – the result of millennia upon millennia of asteroid impacts.